How to List and Sell an item on the New [Tutorial]

New brings to you, faster, more reliable and scalable infrastructure. The entire process of online-shopping at is made clutter-free and straightforward. This will result in more buyers viewing your items which will reflect in higher sales. At New we will be looking forward to giving you a fulfilling selling experience.

Here are the simple steps you need to take for Listing and Selling a new item:

Pick the item you want to sell from the right category:

When you’ve found an exact match, click the “Select this item” button on the right-hand side of that page. Make sure you have selected the right item in the right category!

There can be several editions or formats of the same item–make sure you have the correct one. If you didn’t find the item you looking for, you can list it manually and enter the item title, description and item images. You can also sell your item from’s home page by clicking Sell an item on the top bar or from the Selling section of your My Account page.

Describe the condition of your item:

Select the condition and describe it in the offer note! Enter any comments regarding the condition item. For example, the book has a scratched cover or moderate highlighting.

Set the selling price that you want to sell your item for, and should take into account all applicable costs (including fees and payment processing fees) when listing and pricing your items.

Select your shipping preferences and handling time:

You can choose the appropriate shipping services for your item, either the ones that provided by shipping couriers or provided by you [if applicable], and select the handling time that you’ll take to ship the item after an order being received, taking in consideration that the handling time does not include the number of business days the shipping service will take to deliver the item to the buyer.

Review and Confirm:

Review the information you have entered carefully to make sure that your listing will appear as want it to. Although you can edit certain fields in your Seller Account once your listing has been created, other fields, cannot be edited. If you want to change these fields, it will be necessary to close the current listing and create another.

Listing and selling an item on the New is fresh and easy!

Check out how it’s done by downloading the ‘How to’ tutorial here:
Download  Turorial Now

  • Binfares47

    it s just so silly for the description limit you ve gave to sellers i can not even enter enough information on my product this 5 bullet columns is just irritating max 100 signs is allowed it s just not fair ….i want to add full information on my product and i can not…. also it s not alowed to edit anymore what s the hell …is going on in there?????????terrible SOUQ very bad web its became and so unconvinient i wish you could get back to old lovely souq I WISHHHHH

    • Nada

      Hello Binfares47. You can add more information Offer Note space after you fill in the description information. You can also edit your item details by going to ‘My Account’ then click on ‘Live Items’ – your list of items will be displayed and you can directly change the information and click ‘Save’. Hope this helps.

  • adie

    how do buyers ask the seller a question with the new

    • Nsatsia

      Try Dubizzle: many sellers moved there!

    • SG

      can you tell me as well? please!!

  • Adeel

    hello, can anyone tell me how do buyers cancel orders on if they are not yet shipped.Thanx

  • Abdul Rasheed

    I have a bad experience that the described item was supplied to me and no one is there with a proper answer and no one is helping, i am planning to complaint through gulfnews

  • Y J Alshamsi

    The new site is disappointed i choose 9 items and when i  add new on all gone I don’t now how i spent 3 hrs buying and it is the same.  The old one is better, at least write how we can buy

  • adverse

    Souq isn’t the same anymore. Definitively not more reliable.

  • Jassz2004

    The item I received was not original through, the problem is before customer buys whos responsibility is there to assure the item reliability or what about the communication. Your new design is forcing customer to buy products blindly when fake products in the market were in bulk. Hopefully nobody will answer likewise other enquiries/comments!!

  • Muhannad123

    the old is thousand times better than new one

  • alaaaz

    I can’t find the full step by step information about selling. What are the fees, how to pay, what is the way to receive my money,what if i started to sell and then removed an item…I wish i could sell but can’t understand how exactly to do it.
    And, by the way, i noticed that disappeared all my feed backs from profile and i am not able contact a seller if i have any question during buying . Why ? I am paying money and i don’t have right to have more information about the item or contact if there is some issues?
    Service of souq just informed that they’ve received my question and that’s it….silence. To contact online also useless as it is always busy.

  • Souqers!

    Souq should put back the bidding option/process just like eBay got their success. Souq Admin should consider the negative comments below because your customers are really unsatisfied. Check dubizzle and they got more than 150k likes in FB while Souq got less than 100k…

  • mohamed

    Hi, am want to buy a costly mobile through, give some ideas or suggestion about that. it is good to buy via souq. or not, because i heard negative and positive comments about that. pls help its good or not.

  • Kate

    as a seller in I am so disappointed, support team is not good at all not even fair, even my item is not showing in listing ,(I asked) why? (answer) because no one send feedback for me (new souq), is it my fault???

  • Basmastan

    How can i get the money after selling item & i don’t hve bank account !!

  • Lovely Sam

    Nice Website and great uae online shopping

  • Rosie Evie

    Thanks for great work. Best wishes for your future endeavour…
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  • jaklin hammam

    Thanks for all the great work . I have always admired this site and your work ..