Mashaweer Shipping Service is now available in Egypt!

We want to increase your shipping options and flexibility, so we now include Mashaweer as a new shipping provider that customers in Egypt can use.

Mashaweer is providing same day and overnight delivery. So, you can get your purchase on the same day or day after at the latest (depends on the ordering time).

This gives you the flexibility to get your purchases delivered to you faster, especially if it’s for special occasions like Ramadan, Eid, Mothers day, Valentines Day, Birthdays, you name it.

Mashaweer is one of the first personal services company in Egypt. They are currently covering Cairo with 24 hours delivery time. They are delivering items throughout Cairo and they have a fleet of over 130 Motorcycles, making every delivery fast and secure.

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  • aaa

    Every people in the world got disssapointed how ignorant the Egipian elected the system of Religeon and God on their Culture, that is not and is discribed in the most of false story by old politicians and on that any sciencists , people can prove it in the existance. If you choose it, you should live truning your nation into more terrible poor nation. Any poeple thinks that that will deserves you.
    In your system, you made a lot of idots who suicided themselve and killed foreign people on the false story and nothing. Never appeal the violence by using the idoits and Mafia for foreigner coutries because of asking them to save you beting poor. It is all because of your fault about what turns like this. Think it over against about who chose the system in the democracy. It would be the last chance. If you are not wrong, educate people about what is wrong in this system by yourself.
    “midemsite”, “hecksite”, “midemonews” 12/26 2012

  • Hani Sungkar

    Since I placed the order 1 week, the item not yet shipped from seller. It is very poor service. I will not recommend to everyone purchasing from

  • subia

    hire some one to provide better service. u r located in uae & deliveries in uae must not take 15 days on the average. other online shopping sites do keep their promise they say within 7 days and they deliver in 3 to 4 days when u say fashion items delivered same day it comes on 10th day.. so pls do hire lil more efficient people..

  • La Bella

    worst service ever by this mashaweeeeeeeeer

  • Sharju

    I want the email address or the contact number of the seller
    Pls email me at

  • mila

    I want to inquire. About karaza beaty product. If I want to francise
    this product how much minimum amount I need? And also are you shipping the items in phillipines.
    I need the answer. My email is