Questions about processes and items related to the old site

Questions about processes and items related to the old site


Where are my old items?

If you have converted your items from the old to the new one and are now appearing on site yet, then rest assure they will be live soon!  We are working on enhancing the information of all converted items, and will be displaying them very soon.

If you have not converted your items from the old site yet, then you need to go to ‘Manage Your Listings’ section to convert all your items and allow them to appear on the new site.

Click on ‘My Account on Homepage > ‘Manage Your Listings in the bottom left of the page.


Important notice:

This feature will be live for another 20 days. Make sure you convert your items very soon so that they appear on the New


How do I print my airway bills?

On the the left bottom side of ‘My Account page,  click on ‘Confirmed Sales Orders’ .

You will get to a page that includes all the sales orders details. With each item, you will see a button under each section that says ‘More Options – click on it and select Print Shipping Label


Where do I see my sold items?

Simply click on the ‘Confirmed Sales Orders’ on the left bottom side of ‘My Account’ page.

Important notice:

Our Customer Support team is currently helping you confirming all your orders. Soon you will be requested to confirm that on your own!

In the future, new orders will automatically appear in the New Sales Orders. You will need to confirm them and they will be automatically shifted to the Confirmed Sales Orders section.

Where is my-Wallet?

All the transactions fees can be viewed inside the ‘My Account’ section.

Simply go through the list on the top left of the page. You can easily edit your Bank Details or select to ‘Withdraw’ transactions when clicking on the options included. Simple and straightforward!

Have any fees changed or increased?

No. We still charge 5% commission + AED 5 transaction fees

Listing is still for FREE!


What happens to Security & Resolutions (S&R) section?

You can now file a complaint through the ‘Contact Us section from homepage.

Simply fill in your details and our Customer Support representatives will be in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours.


  • exetraa

    new site is ok, but i miss loads of features in last version of, how do i find how many of them were visited my particular products?… q&a between buyer and seller?…i hope u will try to enhance the same features again

  • dimebag

    New site is terrible. You guys won’t allow communications between buyer and seller ? Hasn’t Deal of the Day provided you with enough revenue at the expense of over A HUNDRED negative comments and complaints ?  Yet you insist on maintaining a choke hold over both buyers and sellers.

    No community cafe anymore ? In its place this useless blog ? should retire itself and re-emerge when androids are built with the ability to instigate commercial transactions. Because that’s what the site is now, a ghost town filled with automated msgs and absolutely NO user control. You guys are better off serving robots.

    Pathetic site. Run by greedy bufoons.

    Seriously blog much are you being paid ? and how much do you really care about the souq community :)

    Hint :

    That’s a rhetorical question

  • Royp212

    The new site is pretty pathetic. No way for buyers and sellers to ask questions……but will have to rely till the consumer get the product in hand…..and then leave  a review.

    The line of communication has been cut off and we have to take a risk before buying.

    id rather deal with a forum and sell items there.

  • Muna A M

    how can i ask the seller about the item ! there is no place where we can comment on 

  • ilukgr8

    i agree, new site is pathetic, they remove your listings if u have had caps lock on!!!! omg!!! and if the item is on a bed or door handle or carpet or this or that!!! for 2 weeks i had items missing and never knew whats going on. i sold some stuff and two weeks on, still my money is not released and they have charged me processing fees and commission fees twice on each item!!! better going off on other sites to sell. at least buyers can contact you and ask questions about your items. souq used to be amazing, now there are other sites which are free, have a lot of customers browsing and you can even put your phone number on!!!
    this is what happens when you get greedy or become big brother, u lose customers and interest

  • John0o0

    New site looks nice

    Keep up the improvements.

  • james

    Dear Sir,

    Why on my account i can not order by Cash on delivery-(COD),in all items i want to buy from you. In all transactions i want to order, it says that COD is not enable in this transaction,please use other provided methods. I ordered already so many items from your company but now it seems that you don’t want me to order anymore by COD. thank you.