Shipping fees on have decreased!

Based on our customers requests to decrease the shipping fees on orders that have more than one item, we changed the fees to be much simpler and cheaper!

If you were buying more than one item from different item types on, then you were paying over priced shipping fees.

Now, it is much simplified; if you bought more that one item from the same seller -which means one shipment- you will pay shipping fees for one shipment regardless of the shipment contents*.

As an Example, if you were buying Mobile+Mobile Accessory+Baby Toy, you were paying 12+12+12 AED = 36.00 AED, now it’s just 12.00 AED! this means you’ll not pay for three different shipments while its actually one*! (Applies to all countries based on the local shipping rates)

Our goal is to make the buying experience on simpler, more flexible and cheaper!

Take advantage of our revised shipping fees on today!

*Other shipping fees may apply for shipments that exceeds the maximum weight allowed.
  • mohammed.rafiuddin

    i want buy samsung galaxy note n.700. plese cont me my mobile no is 0508219971

    • kashif

      please get it from somewhere else , do not get it from souq , you will be disappointed

  • adl

    shipping fees

    u must kidding me

    if i ordered from souq and amazon at the same time ill got the one from amazon before aramex call me for delivery

  • ahmed

    it not logic you after i payed already you hold the staff until send to you the my id why you need it for i prefer next time amazon you wasting my time

  • kashif

    pathetic ever experience i have ever had in online shopping , been doing it for years but has pushed me to the limits i received a totally different item than what i ordered , returned the item within 2 days of receiving return AWB from support , it has been 14 days since i have return the item and continuosly trying to get in contact with the support but no response from them on the complaint page , no response on call centre , no response on emails , similarly no response from aramex either
    order ID : 1828461
    ordered 30th sep 2012

    • Steve

      I had the same issue…I threw the item out…total loss…

  • jkhm25

    what the hell hpn to

  • Anthon

    i bought from two different sellers, how come i got charged double when it’s being shipped to just one buyer? Order ID1949140…appreciate your feedback please

  • Ahmed

    I am residing in Beda Zayed, the western region of Abu dhabi. The shipment is only in Abu dhabi town. A lot of souq customers are facing this problem. So, please make a prior confirmation with courier service to deliver items in our place. OR find a good courier that deliver items in Beda Zayed….. There are a lot of coureir companies that delivering items to Beda Zayed

  • Fahad Abdullah

    Souq.Com is the most shit service ever. I ordered a shipment a month ago. Nothing has reached me. I have paid the money. No response from Helpline. No Response from Support. This is Bullshit of the highest level.

  • Faizan

    how can i get wholesale price of laptops and cary charges

  • g

    how much for shipping fees?

  • ali

    kindly improve your customer service before you improve anything else. its the worst customer service i have ever experienced. and i totally agree with kashif.

  • Steve

    I am not sure if souq is reading these comments…cause if their were, we would changes in they firm. Someone is not doing they job right…and if its the owner, then I guess its time to either sell SOUQ.COM to someone who can actually look after the company and their clients or just shut it down. Too many bad experiences from too many people. Face the music, you have some explaining to do. Unless you don’t really care..

  • girlie

    Can I pick up my order???

  • Hani Sungkar

    Since I placed the order 1 week, the item not yet shipped from seller. It is very poor service. I am wasting my time, everyday I am complaining about my order shipment status. I am really disappointed and it will be the last dealing with I will never recommend to anybody to purchase from My order ID is 2434729.

  • johnny maguire

    Dear All,
    I am new in this website as a seller and i want to ask how much it costs the shipping of perfumes as I would like to add it in my price

  • Robin

    recently I ordered a samsung galaxy phone from, but one thing I don’t understand they added shipping fee when the origin and destination is same.

  • syed


    I order on 14th May for xtouch mobile since then am getting same message while tracking. Message as follows

    Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

    5/15/2013 8:53:00 AM

    Data received.

    Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

    5/15/2013 8:53:00 AM

    Record Created

    Could someone please let me know what’s happening and when can I expect delivery, it’s already seven days now.

    My order number is 305113956643 for xtouch mobile phone.

  • adnan

    am planning to buy about 17 products today on but extremely disappointed by the fact that for every product they are charging 12 +12+12 like this and cleaerly written over here that we dont charge extra….pls respond mediately as if u wanna me to continue my purchase.
    and its not correct that u r charging once. i have not gone thru yet final ok until your reply comes as my bill is showing the 70 extra dhm on 17 products.

  • Nusaibah Ibraheem

    i just really wanted to say that it is a very wrong move to remove the option to be able to contact the seller. i just had a complete misunderstanding with a costumer which wouldnt have happened if the costumer had the option of asking me questions, i know that you people are afraid that people will use souq but then complete their transaction outside of souq but that is really not a good reason to remove the option of communication between seller and buyer. there are so many things that i decided not to buy because i could not ask the buyer directly and i followed the method of sending you guys the message to send him but that didnot work and i ended up not buying the item. imagine how many people like me didnt buy because they could not communicate with the patient. i just hope that you change that, and you can suspend people that try to complete deals outside of souq, i know it is not easy to find the people that are breaking the rules but i think it is even worse to not allow communication.

    • Yusuf

      Material Supplied by souq is guiene???????? I want to buy phone from Souq…what gaurntee do i get…

      • Mohanad

        you dont.. however i bought a phone from DOD_KSA and i got it in perfect condition as written in description.

  • dina

    Why you dont have available shipping in Ras Al khaima?I ordered last night til today still you dont have shipping available in my location.We want to order some items.

  • ray

    Hi, do you know the contact details of DOD_KSA? i badly need help. i purchased an iphone 5s gold on 2 Dec2013 but till now (9Dec2013) i dont get the tracking number? Usually i buy from DOD_KSA but right after 2-3 days i receive the tracking number from ARAMEX. I am really disappointed this time. Please i am going on vacation after 2 days and i promisde to bring my wife this iphone 5s gold as gift. i dont want her to be sad…. please help

  • Acmilan9563

    Please answer?How many days approximately does it take for the order to come eg i order a phone,how long does it take to come i live in the uae

  • Shooq

    تاريخ 22سويتوا تخفيضات ع الايفون 5اس وكان سعره999أتمني أنكم تردون العرض لمدة يومين ع الاقل وبنكون شاكرين لكم وايد

  • Sami

    I placed an order for 2 perfumes. On the checkout page, “Free shipping” was specified. What was my surprise when I ended up seeing on my email order that 24 AED were charged for shipping !!
    Hopefully, I took a screenshot of that pages.
    Came in the evening, and tried another order, after a complain was raised to customer service. All by magic, now the shipping charges appeared !!!! Hummmm … very strange !!

    Be really careful with these shipping charges !!